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Thirst – by Akara

Pending  (complete – seeking a publisher) The adventure of eco-warriors in a underground city and their struggles to accommodate a world with no natural resources and their refusal to agree.

Gretial Taan – by Akara

Pending ( complete – seeking a publisher): An allegorical wisdom adventure for adult children, and middle grade readers.  Part 1 Light Weaver Series – a perfect compendium for The Dragon Portal.

Koj Ajawa – by Akara

Early draft – continues the Light Weaver Series into time travel and lineage healing.


The Dragon Portal, by Akara

A Sacred Text about retreat and the route to mystical thinking – non-fiction. Described as deep, lyrical and wise.

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The Burdens of Forgiveness – poem in Dark Mountain, Issue 13 (2018)

check out this alternative eco anthology produced by U.K’s Dark Mountain Project.

NotSeeing (A Contemporary Vision) – poem in Writing That Risks, Red Bridge Publishers

see what reviewers are saying about this anthology of wonderfully new and creative strategies :

they were great editors! thanks for their hard work bringing this complicated poem to fruition…

Forays – 2014 –  by aJbishop

12$ – a chapbook of poetry – 200 sold out! – re-print possible with demand

Triskele – 2012 – (M.A. Thesis of Poetry) – Allison Bishop

Triskele explores the ancient rituals of initiation, the necessity of controlling
moments of change and death so that, rather than fear it, they enacted it. This is prose travelogue to Welsh sacred sites exploring their liminal space through verse, breaking expectations and inviting mystery.

For link to thesis (2012):