teachers and influences

There have been many influences on my learning as a poet – writer and as a practitioner of sacred ritual:

  • Nancy Sherwood stands out as the most impeccable and integral – providing a deep modal of self-empowerment. Pilgrim guide, you can find her at Traveller’s Joy http://www.travellersjoy.ca
  • Dorothy Mason, spiritual doula who lead many vision quests and taught me how to do it for myself.
  • Micheal Harner’s foundation, esp teachers in Montreal Sharon Van Raalt and Louise Gauthier. Foundation for Shamanic Studies https://www.shamanism.org
  • Concordia University (Montreal) – creative writing program – despite the press of 2019 this was an amazing place to express my creativity and learn.
  • Moon Circle of 1989 to 2017 – the best of everything every month – deep truths
  • Favourite authors: Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot), William Blake (who I do not understand), Walt Whitman, Anne Carson.
  • Favourite Artists: Ai Weiwei, Rothko, Turner.