Sacred Attention on the Land


Quell hunger by fasting

Understand self in solitude

Energize connection to purpose

Sacred Simplicity

Trust earth and sky

dragon time pastel feb 2016 004

In some cultures, this is called Vision Quest and was done at the lip of a cliff (ie: Lakota)

In others, it is an initiation rite spent in the womb of the earth in darkness (ie: Celtic)

Solo time in the wilderness sates a longing to be connected to the Universe. There is no need to go far or to spend a great deal of money:  climb into our backyard woods, pay attention to details, listening, opening, breathing. Open to sky vision, cloud divination, rock talk, bird soliloquy. Perspective of the very small and the very large.

Siting on the land is a good way to ground while also getting in touch with spirit. It functions as a highway between spirit and earth, holding both in blessing which is undeniable. I’m a great believer in the land as teacher, in the self that is met when we are naked with Nature. It is impossible to lose ones ground while it is impossible not to be freed from something heavy that binds us in our day to day lives. It is unique.

Next event: Please contact me if this interests you – there are currently no events planned

By Donation with Minimum 


Basic Schedule:

Day 1 Aug 5 (starts at 3pm): Set up camp, forest orientation, labyrinth walk,  fire circle

Day 2:  Morning movement, intention gathering, site exploration, Swimming, Group Games, Fire drumming.

Day 3(morning),4 & 5 (afternoon): Two nights and Three days (max.) solo on the land. Support from base camp. Conditions and intentions are personal, but Allison will help narrow and guide these with you.

Day 5 Night: Gentle return, fire circle.

Day 6 Aug. 10 (ends 3pm): Ignite intention with ritual, sharing, water play. Break camp.

Location/Lodging:  Arundel, Quebec in the Laurentians. We will all contribute to the food, which will be simple, and some tents will be required as we will be camping on a little plateau near a stream where I have often swum. There is a small cabin available to us if required.  Upstream from our base camp is a waterfall and a small lake. The hill it borders is full of amazing boulders and open deciduous forest.


Testimonial from 2016

During the time we spent together and even at a distance, I felt your presents, the space you hold and nurture.
Oh great mother, you embodied spirit and held me as I unwinded. Impeccably honouring me, my soul following threads discovering itself and weaving back together the lost. You are a light shining in the dark, walking with me, showing my soul another way.

Thank you

Sending love