dragon time rituals



walking on water is a trick– tiptoes up streams and splash puddles – slippery skin where air and water meet – an edge where they speak – more than a glance – a quantum  line of neither – nor both – physics burning a hole in my feet –molecular existentialism – play at being both water and air – learn to walk there – learn to walk deep

phone camera jan 2016 073

I like rituals that start solidly and flow out and away from my expectations.
I approach them as a wild thing that has its own intention –

to facilitate the amazing manifestation of spirit’s desire.

Ritual is merely a form for spirit to enter,
and spirit is you getting into relationship with yourself, spontaneous and generous.

When I see that happen, I am excited.


  • Poet Tree: active somatic poetry writing workshop – all ages and experience
  • Grandmother Council : eight archetypal grandmother wisdom journeying to a drum
  • Labyrinth Walk : no longer available
  • Sacred Attention to the Land : five days on the land holding solo space in deep relationship with nature’s wisdom
  • Kontomplay Coat ; sacred clown divination
  • New Moon Circle : sacred chanting healing every moon
  • Individual healing rituals : please contact to determine whether we can help one another


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