My Eco Dystopian Coming -of-Age

Confined to an underground city, Adrian’s problem is that everything he loves is illegal: running, pets, nature. Skye’s weakness is that she loves nothing but her computer server, Nanny.

Until she meets Adrian.

Eco warrior meets genius gamester who can access all the city’s secrets. It’s all mischief until they release a wild human from prison, exposing lies about Earth’s contaminated surface. And get caught. Skye’s punishment is to compete in national gaming tournaments, whereas Adrian is sent to brain ReBoot. One emerges a star, the other a rebel.

Thirty years later, Buster interviews superstar Skyedancer about a nameless and maybe mythical rebel who he believes is the unsung hero of city’s Fall. Skye is the only person who knows how Adrian risked his life to free their city. Buster will get more than a scoop and history will get its heroes.

Told from several timelines and points of view, with tensions of false trails, hidden clues, nicknames and unreliable narrators, this dynamic plot explores kindness in an oppressive, inhospitable environment. It asks important questions about the difference between fame and heroism, tracks the line between community responsibility and personal dreams, and explores dystopian narrative without violence.

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