} between the breath – a poem

what is your creation story? asked spiritual doula judi blum…(Intothemeta.com)


} Between the Breath

all good stories start with once upon a time

in the beginning there is everything and nothing


I wake and I am here  {

}      a mystery

I hear

here and see there

smell and taste and feel

breath in { } and breath out { }

{    Mystery   }

talk      listen

the sun shines

I put my eyes to it

the sun shines

rising moon

rising tide

rising mystery

we shimmer and dance

circle chant

we make babies    we make love

we make peace and it is grace


And mystery




And this


spin this mystery

spin this – your weave

Yours. I laugh


deep diving with words

my weave  Yours  Ours

pushing hard at these words

urging them to break open

demand their attention

tell me                                    tell me

{yes listening}


my silence aches

it is here everywhere

pressing in

`I lean, lean into it

shift    mystery

{{{               I will shift    I will shift and I will

be gone to this      these words

}}}              I will light in

fall in

< >

there?  < >

I hear, see, feel, taste, hear

oh, and it is

it is so close

this whispering


silence     silence    creation is about to

tell me its story.


and I am                   }{

breath in

}{    I am not     }

breath out

[[[[[[  ]]]]]]


between that <love>

and that <love>




{{ and my breath }}

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