from The Dragon Portal

Thresholds of the Dragon Portal

The dragon portal is not a stopping place. It is not a location or a way of being. It is not a resting or an action. It is not an alternative nor a path. It is not a story nor is it an instruction. It isn’t a concept nor a mental decision. It cannot be pointed to nor caught. I cannot lead you to it and say sit here and you will find it.

The dragon portal invokes a maligned spaciousness of spiritual engagement that includes earth, earth beings, and their place in the cosmos. It is both bigger and smaller than we are. We are always, in every moment, in the dragon portal and we are in every moment out of it. The creation story was an attempt to provide a story in which we can see all of creation and the light flowing in and out of the non-light. The dragon portal is the place which resides between.

But there is a circle around this other place which provides different perspectives into the mystery. Each are cracks in a door revealing glimmers shinning in a moonlit ocean. Each inspire. The doors don’t open any wider. But when each doorway, the little thresholds, are held simultaneously in extreme paradoxical mystery, there is another crack. The dragon portal. Another shimmering view which will change your life and how you live it.

[ The Dragon Portal is a non-fiction sacred text and is free as a PDF – please contact for your own version – and look for the wisdom story for adults and children that begins the light weaver series exploring the dragon portal as a allegorical adventure. ]

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