The New Age: 2012

Waiting for a friend in her living room, I read a little piece of paper she had left on a coffee table. There was something lovely about it, but I also objected to the idea that there is anything different about our times. Ritual’s primary function is to move us out of our locked-in perspective so as inhabit a wider view. The world is always changing. We always want to believe we are special.

Here is my re-writing of Eileen Caddy’s Nov 6th 2012 Thought of the Day:

These are no Ordinary Times

by aJbishop

These are no ordinary times. They never were.
Behold the unfolding. Be holding. Be hold in.
There is no room for shirkers. There is no room for fear.
Be/hold the tender rush of life to fill the voids.
Be/hold the exuberant rush of life and rejoice.
How life rejoices in the void. How the void rejoices in life.
Even as they both resist. Unfold resistance to sit in the stance.
Re-joys. Listen. Speak. Step. Pray. Give. Re-sieve. Be. Hold.
These are miraculous times. They always are.



The original:

Opening doors within by Eileen Caddy

( FIndhorn founder) thought of the day for Nov 6th.

November 6

THESE are no ordinary times. Behold (the unfolding of My vast and glorious plan). Now is the time for the most wonderful changes to come about, so be prepared for anything at any time. There is nothing casual or by chance about those souls who are being drawn together at this time for the tremendous work ahead. There is a very definite plan unfolding; unfold with it. Do not be anxious about anything; banish all fear, Recognize My hand in everything, see the perfection of it all and give eternal thanks for it. Be ready and willing to accept your responsibilities This life is not for the shirkers or those souls who are afraid of responsibilities. The New Age demands strength, courage and dedication, as well as rock-like faith and belief. It b a wonderful adventure, and therefore the spirit of adventure is required to move right into it and become part of it. Move with all that is happening, quietly and peacefully, without any strain, for all is very, very well.

One response to “The New Age: 2012

  1. Sound like the trip I just took and the landing home. Thanks Allison for your poem and reflections on this era. And keep on talking to those trees for all our relations. Blessings,

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